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UNC Courses

By on September 8, 2018

Fall 2018

  • STOR 155: Introduction to Data Models and Inference
  • STOR 320: Introduction to Data Science

Spring 2019

  • STOR 155: Introduction to Data Models and Inference

Data analysis; correlation and regression; sampling and experimental design; basic probability (random variables, expected values, normal and binomial distributions); hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for means, proportions, and regression parameters; use of spreadsheet software.

  • STOR 215: Introduction to Decision Sciences

The purpose of the course is to learn about the principles and applications of discrete mathematics to important problems arising in decision sciences, business, and computer science. The course will cover the following major topics: (1) Combinatorics (2) Discrete Probability (3) Graphs and Networks. Along the way, this course will also serve as an introduction to mathematical proofs.

This course is an application-driven introduction to data science. Statistical and computational tools are valued throughout the modern workplace from Silicon Valley startups, to marine biology labs, to Wall Street firms. These tools require technical skills such as programming and statistics. They also require professional skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking.