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Introduction to My Website

By on January 21, 2018

Welcome to the personal website of Mario Giacomazzo!! 

Currently, the main purpose of this website is to provide information on my educational and work experience. Primarily, I plan on using this website to provide insight at beginner to advanced levels within the realm of statistics. As I learn through painful research, I will use this electronic platform to deliver updates and tutorials for anyone who accidentally arrives on my front webpage. Linked to this site is my GitHub (also in baby stages) which will contain the code of past, present, and future work.

I am a professional at being an amateur and an amateur at being a professional. Soon this site will evolve into a network of nonsense conveying my diverse interests in areas such as travel, graphic design, poetry, food, etc. Stay tuned… there is a high probability of pleasure.

If you would like the “serious” information about me, see pages related to my curriculum vitae, research statement, and teaching statement. If you have data and questions, I am eager to assist in your data analysis. 


Mario Giacomazzo

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